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[ profile] emwitchwood's younger brother broke her mouse and keyboard a week ago. So she called to my brother to whine, and when he was out she whined to me. Me, being the unsympathetic little shit that I am, laughed.

Me: My mouse is way more durable than that! *picks up mouse and drops it to prove it* See? *shakes mouse, hears lots of rattling*

[ profile] emwitchwood: .... *snicker*

BUT, I just got a new mouse! Finally. I was using my old laptop, but internet on that thing is so slow it's painful to use. It was driving me crazy. I couldn't do anything.

Anyway. A while ago I said I was going to do a WS Roy/Ed picspam. I went through about 30% of my brother's FMA folders, and came up with around 3,000 Roy/Ed pictures. (That is not at all an exaggeration.) So now I am picking through them and deciding which ones to spam you guys with.

Also, [ profile] one_nobody_gets? I think I have found all the Ling/Ed that I can, and am going to spam you with it later today.
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