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Where did my summer go???

I packed and unpacked and now I have to go to school??? SO not cool.

Ah. Oh well. Senior year, right? Let's see if I can be the first of my friends to graduate.


Jul. 4th, 2007 07:19 pm
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As you know, Emmy had wrote the Clouffie that I requested, and it was awesome. As I expected, considering where it came from. 

But she posted in on her account, and when I was done reading it I went and read the Roy/Ed fics she has on there.... and I got addicted to them as I do when I read her stuff and then I read some of the stuff she hasn't posted yet and she caught me and beat me over the head... which is not the point here. The point is- due to circumstances, ucky horrible circumstances, she stopped writing it for a few months, and I totally understand why..... but now she is writing again and not... well, you know, and.... SHE STILL WON'T UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just cause she knows how much I want to read the rest of it.....

So cruel.......


Jun. 4th, 2007 12:15 pm
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We moved.... to New York! All the way on the East coast. Waaaaaaay over here. Yep. 

And you know what?



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Guess what? Ember updated her damn fic. Yay!

(only took her three months too, but with everything in our lives falling apart at the moment, I suppose we'll forgive her)

Also, my brother wants to move us to New York. *ponders this* All I have to say is: Why? We are Seattlites. We already decided we like it here far more than we ever liked it in Hong Kong. I like it here! I think he's just trying to get away from our parents. I really don't blame him. They drive me insane, too, and I don't even work for them.

Uh.... You know, there was something semi important that I was going to say....

I just finished reading What Remains. Big thanks to Emmy for recommending it. 

Anyone else have a few good suggestions? I have about five days of travel looming.

Can you tell how bored I am? I'm still at school. Rehersals ran over. Again. I think I have EVERYONE'S lines memorized now. Pretty sad. (I am MUSTARDSEED! I will never get tired of saying that)

Ember gave me permission to use her camera. She said she'd help me with my project. That's awesome, cause, well, she's EMBER. You all remember hers, right? The one that made all the judges eyes pop out of their heads? Well, yeah. But... I am also kind of apprehensive, cause I have a feeling I will be comparing her pictures to mine the whole time. And find mine lacking. And then she'll smack me for having no selfesteem.

.... yeah. I think I've rambled enough now.
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I redyed my hair! It is now ten times more eye searing! Yay!

I have a HUGE English assignment that I am supposed to be doing. We have to write a fifteen page short story dealing with whatever theme we draw out of the damn, ugly, ratty ass bowler hat. I got the theme faith. But I am procrastinating. I don't even know why. I just don't want to write a whole 15 pages for school when I could be doing something constructinve- like finishing my new painting!!!

...Okay. So maybe my priorities are a little skewered. Still.
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FFXII is almost here! Yes! Less than a week until I get to play it! Finally! My brother already played it... I wish I knew japanese. *sigh* I am pathetic. I only speak English. My brother is tri-lingual. He speaks English, japanese, and chinese. And only uses his skills to play video games and read manga....


... if it was possible, that is.

I hope that this Final Fantasy is fun. The series has not dissapointed me yet... but that probably means I am due for a dissapointment!


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