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*sigh* My brother sucked all the culinary skillz out of the gene pool before I was born. What a jerk.

I tried to make chocolate muffins today and ended up with very strange looking chocolate brownies. I should have known better, but it's not like I could just walk over to the bakery. The doctor was very clear on the fact that I am not to be walking that far, and I can't get the wheelchair down the stairs by myself. I was tempted to send Jing, but she's eight, so I figured that would probably not be the best idea.

Not that there's a shortage of sweet stuff in our house, my brother has been stressed and so he's been baking like crazy.

Anyway-- [ profile] emwitchwood, send me some of your deluxe chocolate muffins!!! Please? Pretty please? I'll send you Ed/Royai doujinshi?
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I now have a lighter, less annoying cast on my leg!!!! I still can't walk far on it, but I am no longer stuck using a wheelchair (unless, of course, I plan on going really far). I can make it around my apartment now!!!!

*binges on sweet stuff to celebrate*
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[ profile] emwitchwood's younger brother broke her mouse and keyboard a week ago. So she called to my brother to whine, and when he was out she whined to me. Me, being the unsympathetic little shit that I am, laughed.

Me: My mouse is way more durable than that! *picks up mouse and drops it to prove it* See? *shakes mouse, hears lots of rattling*

[ profile] emwitchwood: .... *snicker*

BUT, I just got a new mouse! Finally. I was using my old laptop, but internet on that thing is so slow it's painful to use. It was driving me crazy. I couldn't do anything.

Anyway. A while ago I said I was going to do a WS Roy/Ed picspam. I went through about 30% of my brother's FMA folders, and came up with around 3,000 Roy/Ed pictures. (That is not at all an exaggeration.) So now I am picking through them and deciding which ones to spam you guys with.

Also, [ profile] one_nobody_gets? I think I have found all the Ling/Ed that I can, and am going to spam you with it later today.
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Okay, so, a few days ago I broke my arm and leg. While stepping outside to run to the store, I slipped and tumbled down the entire staircase, smacked my head really hard on my neighbor's door at the bottom, and then kind of blinked at my leg trying to figure out why it hurt so bad. So, anyway, my neighbors took me to the emergency room, called my brother and- yeah. I passed out. Not because of the pain, though I am sure that played a part in it, but because hospitals freak me out.

Anyway. I am now bored, immobile (moving around with crutches when you have a broken arm is not fun), and on strong painkillers. And bored.

Does anyone have any anime, manga, movie or book suggestions to keep me entertained?
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My brother and I celebrate Christmas for two reasons. 1) It annoys the hell out of our parents. 2) It is an excuse to make ridiculous amounts of goodies and have a huge, carb filled dinner.

But since there is only the two of us and occasionally a few stray cousins or nieces and nephews, we always end up with lots of leftovers.

And when we have leftovers, my brother gets Ideas. Sometimes this is good, sometimes this is very, very bad.

This time it was good :)

He made us sweet potato burritos, and we are munching on them while sipping green tea ginger ale out of individual two liter bottles and watching the new Mummy movie for the third time.

Sometimes I really love my life.

Of course, I might not feel that way when I see how much weight pigging out on junk food for the last two weeks has made me gain.
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Why must he be such an awesome cook? Why must he bake when he's stressed? Why does there always have to be something completely irresistible that's bound to clog my arteries in the fridge?

How am I ever going to learn to cook for myself when I have him here to cook for me?

*ultra melodramatic* How am I ever going to be able to tell my true friends from the ones that just use me to get to my brother's cooking?

And he's going to make the kitten fat, too! I got home from the store and found the little demon on the counter eating the chicken out of my chicken and avocado sandwich!

On an entirely different note, I just picked up the first Wheel of Time book, by Robert Jordan. I am about 400 pages into it. And, really, what is so special about these books? No, like, what? The characters are... really, really dumb. I want to strangle every female character introduced so far. I really want the two hours that I've spent reading it back.