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Because he bought me the most adorable kitten I have ever seen!!!! And if I had a camera I would spam everyone with his cuteness.

No, seriously, I got home from a crappy, crappy night at work, and my brother presented me with this tiny, ridiculously adorable black kitten with little knit steampunk-ish goggles on his head! (My brother obviously found this to be much less cliche than, say, a bow.) It's not my birthday and he said it's not an early Christmas present, he just wanted to get me something.

I take back every mean thing I may have ever said about my brother. He is the best brother in the world.

Now, what should I name the kitten? I don't want anything too corny. From what I've seen of the little guy's personality so far, I am thinking Inspektor. Or Captain Dipwit, because you'd think after ten tries he'd realize that hamper lid was not going to hold his weight.


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